Victim to perpetrator…

Feb 7, 2022 CNN - Esha Mitra Some people in a cheering crowd called for her to be raped. Many were women There is on occasion an article that merits attention simply because the implications and impact are horrendous.  This article is one of … [Read more...]

Where to stand on guns?

Mar 18, 2018 CTV News - Don Martin Gun bill could become ammunition for the opposition Martin is anticipating a new piece of legislation next week on guns following the recent summit on guns and gangs.  The new legislation will out the purchase … [Read more...]


January 10, 2013  Telegraph (UK) - Rowena Mason and Wesley Johnson Chris Grayling: charities may be better at helping prisoners than probation officers In Canada, charities have endured a difficult time in recent years but continue to contribute … [Read more...]