Deep polarity…

Jan 29, 2021 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (US) - Emily Kubin, Curtis Puryear, Chelsea Schein, and Kurt Gray Personal experiences bridge moral and political divides better than facts Just the facts Sgt Friday used to say, just … [Read more...]

Pot a benefit?

May 31, 2017 CBC News – Solomon Israel Could medical marijuana be your next employee health benefit? This giant leap from “low-hanging fruits” to inclusion of medical marijuana as part of the employee’s benefit package is not so bizarre.  … [Read more...]

“Small, mean, regressive…”

     June 23, 2015 Council of Canadians – John Trent John Trent's new booklet "Harper's Record"  One of the founders of the Council and now Senior Fellow with the Centre for Governance, John Trent is asking you to read his booklet before … [Read more...]

Parting shots…

     June 22, 2015 Globe and Mail – Marcus Gee With a stirring show of unity and faith, Charleston leaves the world in awe What response to the 21 year old Dylan Roof who shot six women and three men at a prayer service in Charleston, … [Read more...]

Housing first…

      May 29, 2015 Globe and Mail – Erin Anderssen Inside the world's best mental-health program to keep homeless people off the street    The article follows Jason Platt, a Canadian Mental Health outreach worker, who encounters street … [Read more...]

Looking for answers…

    Oct. 26, 2014  Montreal Gazette – Aaron Derfel Radicalization and mental health: Looking for answers  Mental health experts in Montreal are attempting to define the connections between the home-grown radicals and violence such as last … [Read more...]


January 10, 2013  Telegraph (UK) - Rowena Mason and Wesley Johnson Chris Grayling: charities may be better at helping prisoners than probation officers In Canada, charities have endured a difficult time in recent years but continue to contribute … [Read more...]

Stats under the light – from Graham Stewart

January 6, 2013  Graham Stewart on international crime statistics comparisons (Ed note: Graham is responding to our last communiqué (Jan 4, 2013) in which SJN  featured a video - … [Read more...]

RJ: Conceptualising and Contextualising

January 1, 2013 RJ on-line:  Theo Gavrielides Conceptualising and contextualising restorative justice for hate crimes In an introduction appearing on the RJ on-line site Gavrieldes argues that RJ is still far from mainstream in response to crime … [Read more...]