Canadian freedoms

Mar 7, 2022 Ottawa Citizen – Lawrence Greenspon Using the federal Emergencies Act — Unfortunately, Canadians are always willing to trade away their freedoms - It was wholly unnecessary for Trudeau to use this legislation during the trucker … [Read more...]

Appallingly clever…

Oct 24, 2017 iPolitics – Marty Patriquin The niqab law is appalling. It's also clever, amoral politics. Bill C-62 in Quebec denies public service on the basis of a covered face requesting the service.  It has given voice to repeated assertions of … [Read more...]

Prisons and principles

     June 4, 2015  Ottawa Citizen – Mary Campbell History shows we need a good correctional investigator Campbell was part of the hiring committee for the present correctional investigator, Howard Sapers, who has been told without any explanation … [Read more...]