PTSD in Prison…

May 12, 2017 CBC News - Angela MacIvor Number of prison workers suffering from PTSD much higher than official stats, union says - Approximately 1 in 20 employees at federal penitentiaries have been diagnosed with stress injuries Dorchester in New … [Read more...]

The politics of prison?

Mar 17, 2017 Globe and Mail – Patrick White Federal prisons have become less deadly, crowded under Liberals, numbers show The criminal justice crowd are frankly puzzled.  In the year since Trudeau’s liberals have taken power, the signs of … [Read more...]


Feb 24, 2017 Homeless Hub Blogger – Ambar Aleman Why do governments criminalize the homeless? There is an element which thinks that by creating a law you solve a problem.  Sleeping on the sidewalk is one such example.  A $50 fine against a … [Read more...]

Flawed bill…

Dec 15, 2016   Ottawa Citizen – Marie-Danielle Smith Newly-emboldened Senate threatens to block ‘deeply flawed’ bill to remove gender discrimination from Indian Act Bill S-3 is a senate bill and the third attempt to address the issue of … [Read more...]

The criminal justice gender gap

Racial disparities in the criminal-justice system get lots of attention, if not any remedies. But how about the gender gap? "This study finds dramatic unexplained gender gaps in federal criminal cases," writes Sonya B. Starr, assistant professor at … [Read more...]