More tough-on-crime to come

 January 31, 2013 Toronto Star - Tonda MacCharles Stephen Harper: More tough-on-crime bills coming From 2010-2011, crime has fallen by 6%.  In January, Vic Toews hosted a meeting trying to get policing costs under control: the costs have doubled … [Read more...]

Stats under the light – from Graham Stewart

January 6, 2013  Graham Stewart on international crime statistics comparisons (Ed note: Graham is responding to our last communiqué (Jan 4, 2013) in which SJN  featured a video - … [Read more...]

Human rights, compassion and civilization

December 10, 2012 Today, Smart Justice Network offers a special reflection on human rights, our strength of character, our “measure of living virtue,” and the shadow side of the use of incarceration and punishment in our society.  Though … [Read more...]