No illegal refugees…

April 9, 2018 Toronto Star - Jesse Beatson and Kylie Sier There’s nothing ‘illegal’ about asylum seekers - Amid a global refugee crisis, the misuse of the term ‘illegal’ carries a real cost. The editorial reminds us that asylum seekers … [Read more...]

Where to stand on guns?

Mar 18, 2018 CTV News - Don Martin Gun bill could become ammunition for the opposition Martin is anticipating a new piece of legislation next week on guns following the recent summit on guns and gangs.  The new legislation will out the purchase … [Read more...]

Guns in Canada…

Mar 14, 2018 Globe and Mail - Laura Stone  Andrew Scheer’s gun policies include firearms ombudsman, taking power from RCMP The Conservative Leader thinks that Canada needs an ombudsman for firearms and that the responsibility for classifying … [Read more...]

Guns and violence…

March 4, 2018 Global News – Natasha Pace Domestic violence court opens in Halifax, officials anticipate 1,000 cases annually A court that deals specifically with cases of domestic violence has opened in Halifax.  The court will sit one day a … [Read more...]

Double whammy…

Feb 26, 2018 CBC News – David Milward Justice denied for Tina Fontaine and Colten Boushie: How their cases illustrate racism in Canadian courts A second not guilty verdict in the murder of an Indigenous person does little to reassure Canada’s … [Read more...]

Police and human rights…

Dec 3, 2017 National Post - Shawn Jeffords, Canadian Press Complaints of racial profiling, discrimination by Toronto police focus of human rights inquiry Ontario Human Rights Chief Commissioner Renu Mandhane has announced an inquiry into racial … [Read more...]

Who counts the dead?

Oct. 6, 2017 Ottawa Citizen = David Reevely Ontario's jails can't even count their dead, review finds Former federal correctional investigator Howard Sapers, now an advisor to Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services, has a new version of the old … [Read more...]

Racism and inclusion…

Sept 4, 2017 Globe and Mail – Reni Eddo-Lodge I stopped talking to white people about race. Here’s what I learned This article is an interesting reflection on inclusion of all kinds, a liberal insistence on the rightness of inclusion, and … [Read more...]

Three strikes?

Aug 8, 2017 Toronto Star – Jacques Gallant Ontario’s top court orders third trial in teardrop tattoo murder case In a most unusual move, the Ontario Court of Appeal has ordered a third trial for murder in the “Tear-drop” case for Warren … [Read more...]

Pot Day – July 1, 2018

March 27, 2017 CBC News – David Cochrane Liberals to announce marijuana will be legal by July 1, 2018 Former Toronto police chief and MP Bill Blair plans to announce that the long awaited legalized marijuana plan will be announced on April 10.  … [Read more...]