Oct 13, 2017  Toronto Star – Michelle Shepherd RCMP officers screened Quebec border crossers on religion and values, questionnaire shows The Star is reporting that the RCMP have been using an interview guide that targets Muslims as the refugees … [Read more...]

Our Canada & the romance of the gun…

Oct 3, 2017 CBC News – Aaron Wherry Julie Payette is unscripted and at ease on first day as GG - References to scholars and poets replaced with space metaphors in aspirational speech    … [Read more...]

Pot a benefit?

May 31, 2017 CBC News – Solomon Israel Could medical marijuana be your next employee health benefit? This giant leap from “low-hanging fruits” to inclusion of medical marijuana as part of the employee’s benefit package is not so bizarre.  Several … [Read more...]

Flawed bill…

Dec 15, 2016   Ottawa Citizen – Marie-Danielle Smith Newly-emboldened Senate threatens to block ‘deeply flawed’ bill to remove gender discrimination from Indian Act Bill S-3 is a senate bill and the third attempt to address the issue of gender … [Read more...]