A fix now!

 Dec. 5, 2013  Ottawa Citizen - Editorial Fix the jail now   The editors take issue with accumulating reports of failure of the Ottawa-Carlton Detention Center to initiate its own corrective measure after repeated incidents of neglect and … [Read more...]

Wrong House…

 Nov 3, 2013   CBC News Saskatoon Gang member pleads guilty in Lorry Santos murder case Three members of a gang were sent to Saskatoon from Alberta to kill a defector from the gang but given the wrong address, resulting in the pointless death of … [Read more...]

Income inequality gaps for Canada

 Sept. 11, 2013   Toronto Star - Heather Scoffield National Household Survey: Richest are middle-aged, white men  The National Household Survey was meant to replace the old, long form of statistics.  The info for 2011 was delayed.  Median … [Read more...]

Crisis in the streets

  Sept 16, 2013  Vancouver Sun – Jim Lee Vancouver mayor and police chief say ‘alarming trend’ of violent attacks signals mental health crisis - B.C. not ready to create new institution for mentally ill   Both city officials are looking … [Read more...]


 Aug 19, 2013  Huffington Post – Canadian Press Access to Justice in Canada 'Abysmal,' Report Says   A summary report to the Saskatoon meeting of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) says that access to the law in Canada fails badly for … [Read more...]

Desperate to stay…

 Aug. 18, 2013  Toronto Star – Insight - David Hayes Desperate to stay: Program helps ‘unaccompanied minors’ navigate Canada’s refugee process  The article goes through the immigration process when an unaccompanied minor arrives in … [Read more...]

Reserve life…

 July 24, 2013  Toronto Star ‘Ordinary Canadians’ get a taste of life on a northern Ontario reserve   A second year law student at Osgood Law School and a grandmother was one of 43 people who dared to accept an invitation to spend a week … [Read more...]