Spent regime…

Nov. 23, 2021 Lawyer’s Daily - Terry Davidson Coalition’s call for automatic pardons ‘important step forward’: Lawyer The Fresh Start Coalition has a good idea say Davidson, and one that would introduce a significant step forward for criminal law … [Read more...]

Who counts the dead?

Oct. 6, 2017 Ottawa Citizen = David Reevely Ontario's jails can't even count their dead, review finds Former federal correctional investigator Howard Sapers, now an advisor to Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services, has a new version of the old … [Read more...]

Ghomeshi – now what?

April 13, 2016 Policy Options – Blair Crew, Daphne Gilbert, Elizabeth Sheehy The Ghomeshi verdict: This is no time for complacency The commentary calls for follow-up to the Ghomeshi verdict and suggests a number of options available to repair the … [Read more...]

An honour for SJNC…

    Oct. 4, 2015 Ed note:  All of us here at Smart Justice Network Canada are delighted to announce that the Canadian Criminal Justice Association has awarded SJNC its 2015 CCJA Certificate of Appreciation.  The award reads: Presented to THE SMART … [Read more...]

On filling jails…

   May 7, 2014  Halifax Herald – Paul McLeod More parole board refusals keep prisoners in jail longer, AG says   This report suggests that a 14% increase in the failure to achieve discretionary parole accounts for the 9% growth in the inmate … [Read more...]

Fish? Really?

   May 5, 2014 Canada.com – Stephen Maher, Postmedia News  Things would be different if we were talking about 1,186 murdered or missing white women  The Library of Parliament Committee spent a year studying violence against Aboriginal women … [Read more...]

Yet another glaring failure…

 Jan. 12, 2013  CBC News – Susana Mas First Nations treaty talks with Ottawa end in 'failure' - The Assembly of First Nations received $400,000 to fund a committee on treaties that never met  The Assembly of First Nations and the federal … [Read more...]

Youth Justice (UK)

 March 27, 2013   House of Commons Justice Committee (UK) Youth Justice - Seventh Report of Session 2012–13 The report is a comprehensive report on all aspects of youth criminal justice in the UK together with a series of radical recommendations … [Read more...]