Post-partum depression

 Aug. 7, 2013  CTV News Moms living in large cities most at risk for post-partum depression: study  Canada has seen repeated cases of the deaths of children in the context of post partum depression, most recently in the Gibson case in Winnipeg.  … [Read more...]

Aboriginal Youth

July 8, 2013  Vancouver Province – Sam Cooper Aboriginal youth who made suicide pact live to see dangers rise in toxic DTES environment  A seven minute video about the discovery of a Facebook suicide pact among 30 Aboriginal youths.  A commentary … [Read more...]

Scotland’s VRU

March 20, 2013  Scottish Violence Reduction Unit Founded in 2005 in Scotland, this unit is attached to the police and co-directed by Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan and Karin McCluskey, a former police intelligence analyst. The tag … [Read more...]

Get the lead out!

 February 11, 2013  Mother Jones – Kevin Drum America's Real Criminal Element: Lead Here’s a lengthy article to blow your mind about all the pet theories on why the crime rates continue to plummet.  It is also a pointed lesson on why people … [Read more...]