Who will answer…

April 12, 2019 Office of the Auditor General (Report 5, Sept 15, 2017) Preparing Women Offenders for Release—Correctional Service Canada This report is somewhat dated – almost two years now, covering 2014-2017– but still very helpful in … [Read more...]

Get it right…

April 23, 2017 (Ed Note: Last edition gave an incorrect title for the report from the Ontario Ombudsman on police oversight: the correct title is “Out of oversight, out of mind.”  You can find the 73 page downloadable pdf at:  … [Read more...]


Oct. 5, 2016 National Association of Parole Executives (US) -   R.E. “Bob” Brown A Beacon of Hope – Sunny Ways: Life sentenced Offenders R.E. “Bob” Brown is a retired district parole supervisor in BC and offers us a scholarly pass … [Read more...]

Remand credit…

  April 11  Supreme Court of Canada  The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in favour of judicial discretion in the issues of the pre-trial credit to be given for days spent in remand.  The court was responding to federal government changes … [Read more...]

Income inequity as an election issue?

 Sept. 20, 2013  Globe and Mail – Armine Yalnizyan Five years of economic recovery have been far from equal   The question of income inequity is getting new focus because it is now seen to slow the recovery and to undermine the notion that … [Read more...]

Local response to crime

 Sept. 19, 2013 Telegram (St. John’s, NF)  Bonnie Belec Thinking outside the box  Faced with what is judged a prosperity driven increase in criminal activity, and a city council election, a slate of candidates is offering a variety of … [Read more...]

How to be a kid, safely?

  September 1, 2013  Toronto Star - Jennifer Pagliaro   Jane and Finch: Toronto’s most dangerous place to be a kid?    Here’s an update on a neighbourhood that has seen 10 homicides of its youth under 19 in six years.  Since … [Read more...]