Big change!

Nov 14, 2021 Big Change – Alex Himelfarb, Monitor Magazine (CCPA) Big change: Five readings to help us understand what’s needed and what it will take This second set of readings from Himelfarb are intended to offer our drooping spirits some … [Read more...]

SCC and Bedford…

 June 4, 2014  CBC News – Susanna Mas Prostitution bill would make it illegal to buy, sell sex in public  Peter MacKay started his press conference saying that for the first time prostitution is illegal in Canada.  Supposedly intended to crack … [Read more...]

On judicial conduct

   Mar 14, 2014  Winnipeg Free Press – Mary Agnes Welch 'A closed mind' on the bench?   The appointment of former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench has judges themselves wondering.  Toews had at least 11 … [Read more...]