Military justice slow and costly…

Jan 11, 2018 CTV News Report obtained by CTV News shows lack of confidence in military justice system An as yet unpublished but interim study of the Canadian military justice system insists that there is widespread lack of confidence in the … [Read more...]

HIV cured by 2030?

    July 22, 2015 Globe and Mail – James Orbinski and Heather Johnston We can end AIDS, so let’s do it! The United Nations and a whole bunch of scientists gathered in Vancouver this week are of the opinion that the world can end the … [Read more...]

Home care and non-profits…

      July 15, 2015  Globe and Mail – Elizabeth Church and Kelly Grant Home care for Ontario seniors affected by move to non-profit agencies   Last summer the Ontario government changed some regulations about delivering home care to … [Read more...]

Nordic model…

  May 22, 2014 Globe and Mail – Angela Campbell  For sex workers, the Nordic model still falls short   The federal government intends shortly to introduce a replacement for the prostitution laws on the books – the Court gave a … [Read more...]

Indefinite detention in Canada?

 Dec. 18, 2013  Globe and Mail – Joe Friesen Jailed in Canada, unwanted by Iraq, refugee struggles for way out of legal limbo Five years in maximum security jail without conviction or even a charge!  There are eight more just like him – … [Read more...]