Think big!

Aug 21, 2020 N.Y. Times – John Roman Why Criminal Justice Reform Needs to Think Big - There are too many police officers in the US. We need patient, tolerant, unbiased, hard-headed, soft-hearted cops. But we only need a few. This article may be … [Read more...]

Changing moments…

Aug. 12, 2020 Ottawa Citizen – Randall Denley Carleton criminology profs want to end student internships with police, citing racial bias - This move must be quite pleasing to the faculty, but what about the students who would normally benefit … [Read more...]

Calls for Justice…

June 4, 2019 CBC News – John Paul Tasker Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women issues final report with sweeping calls for change "Each person has a role to play in order to combat violence against Indigenous women, girls and … [Read more...]

Three strikes?

Aug 8, 2017 Toronto Star – Jacques Gallant Ontario’s top court orders third trial in teardrop tattoo murder case In a most unusual move, the Ontario Court of Appeal has ordered a third trial for murder in the “Tear-drop” case for Warren … [Read more...]


Aug. 29, 2016 CBC News – Aaron Wherry How Justin Trudeau plans to deliver on 'deliverology' - PM a devotee of Michael Barber's result-oriented management theories Barber is a British political consultant who thinks that the way to govern is to … [Read more...]