Running wild…

     April 29, 2015 - Andrew Mitrovica Caught in the gears of intelligence running wild C-51, the anti-terrorism bill, has created frightening prospects for the potential of the intelligence community to go astray, especially … [Read more...]

C-10 at 14 months

 June 4, 2013 – Blogger Tobi Cohen, Post Media News Omnibus crime bill 14 months later — how’s it playing out in court   A year and bit after C-10 has become law, a parliamentarian has asked government what has been the … [Read more...]

Urge to lock up…

 June 1, 2013  L’Association des services de réhabilitation sociale du Québec (ASRSQ)  – Guy Lemire A Lasting Urge to Lock People Up?  Available in both English and French at the link, this article introduces La Porte Ouverte, the … [Read more...]

Christmas special 2012

Christmas 2012 People of most religious faiths celebrate light around this time of year, largely because we find so much darkness in our lives.  The power of darkness is a constant struggle and sometimes seems to overcome the light.  Most … [Read more...]