Public health…

July 2, 2020 Toronto Star - Brenna Owen, The Canadian Press Advocates in Canada call for community-led crisis intervention, not police The frequency of police interaction with mentally ill persons and the escalation of violence that accompanies … [Read more...]

Short sentencing…

June 27, 2020 Re-Inventing Criminal Justice: The Twelfth National Symposium Held in January 24-25, 2020 in Montreal, QC, the final report is now available.  The report is entitled National Criminal Justice Symposium 2020 - Alternatives to … [Read more...]

When will they ever learn…

June 24, 2020 iPolitics - Jolson Lim and Victoria Gibson RCMP plan to buy more armored vehicles amid new scrutiny over policing tactics Given all the suggestion that the leadership within policing in Canada is far out of touch with the signs of … [Read more...]

Go gently…

June 16, 2020 Globe and Mail - Genesee Keevil Four officers, no weapons, no charges: A Yukon First Nation’s solution for keeping the peace Here’s an article that may inject some fresh thinking into the notion of community policing.  Four … [Read more...]


June 12, 2020 National Newswatch – Canadian Press Freeland says police must acknowledge racism, advocates call for action Is there or isn’t there?  Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister thinks there is.  But despite our history of colonialism, … [Read more...]

What makes us safe?

March 17, 2020 – (Ed Note: No one can make light of the real suffering from the Coronavirus problem but the spreading Cofid-19 virus may also invite us to rethink what makes us safe. Perhaps because there is now self-interest for us all, … [Read more...]

Abolish prisons?

Dec 23, 2019  CBC Radio If we abolish prisons, what's next? There are more people in prison today than at any other time in history The question is one that frightens most people who think that without prisons we have no way to avoid being … [Read more...]

Rights violated…

Dec 16, 20119 CBC News Quebec's top court won't suspend province's religious symbols ban, but judges say rights being violated How does a court agree that rights are violated without proscribing a remedy?  The top Quebec court decision came in a … [Read more...]

Pardon me?

Dec 6, 2019 CBC News – Kathleen Harris 'Incredibly low': Only 118 pardons granted for pot possession in first 4 months Advocates are concerned that the numbers of people eligible for pot pardons is enormous but that the applications and the … [Read more...]

Demanding more for justice…

Aug 27, 2019 Arizona Capitol Times - Laetitia Hua Arizona deserves more from its criminal justice system The author is a lawyer and candidate in the Miss Arizona contest who has experienced the European flavour of justice and draws attention to … [Read more...]