Prison Health…

Oct. 26, 2017 Pew Charitable Trust (US) Prison Health Care Costs and Quality - How and why states strive for high-performing systems The Pew Foundation and VERA Institute for Justice together have produced this report looking at the data derived … [Read more...]

Cost benefit analysis…

April 22, 2016 N.Y. Times – Jason Furman and Douglas Holyz-Eakin Why Mass Incarceration Doesn’t Pay The authors do a cost benefit analysis of the “staggering” growth in the nation’s prison population.  The article examines both the … [Read more...]

Senate teeth?

April 17, 2016  National Newswatch – Joan Bryden, Canadian Press Senators who fear assisted dying law violates charter willing to amend, kill it After so long talking about the weakness of the Senate, here’s a twist.  Bryden is reporting … [Read more...]


     June 26, 2015 Toronto Star – Robin V. Sears Rise of Canadian PACs corrodes our democracy - The proliferation of U.S.-style political action committees and the attack ads they fund is hurting Canadian politics. The PAC’s are … [Read more...]

Poverty and self-harming…

    May 21, 2015  Metro News – Leah Holoiday New University of Alberta data links youth mental illness to families faced with poverty A new study published in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine has found some troubling links between … [Read more...]


   Nov. 22, 2014  Globe and Mail – John Lornic New era of policing: Will the benefits of body-worn cameras outweigh the privacy issues?  Calgary is the first Canadian city to introduce body-worn cameras but Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and … [Read more...]

1 in 6

  Aug. 14, 2014  CBC News 1 in 6 soldiers affected by alcohol-related or mental health issues  Stats Can has just released a study of some 6700 full time soldiers and has concluded that one in six needs mental health attention.  Conducted … [Read more...]

Strain and breakdown…

  Nov. 13, 2013  Ottawa Citizen – Chris Cobb ‘Tough forensic guy’ John Bradford opens up about his PTSD -Psychiatrist who analyzed notorious sex killers broke under strain of graphic video evidence   This article is about Canada’s top … [Read more...]

The kinder side

 July 19, 2013 The kinder side of vigilante justice   Elizabeth Webb and her husband are a different kind of vigilante.  When her car was ransacked, she discovered the cell phone of the culprit and instead of the police, she … [Read more...]

Prison costs revised

February 19, 2013  Livingston – Paul Egan – Gannett News Service Michigan prison costs high despite fewer inmates, staff Lots of the rhetoric around growth in prisons and mass incarceration has prompted realization about the cost … [Read more...]