Punish or rehab?

Dec 28, 2017  Globe and Mail – Michelle Zilio Canadians prioritize prosecution over rehabilitation for jihadi suspects: poll A Nanos poll has found that 62% of Canadians favour criminal charges and jail over rehabilitation for returning … [Read more...]

Military justice…

April 4, 2017  Ottawa Citizen – David Pugliese New book calls for reform of outdated Canadian military justice system Behind the Times is the name of new book by two well-known military commentators, retired Judge Gilles Létourneau and … [Read more...]

Sex and drink…

April 2, 2017 Globe and Mail - Zosia Bielski 'When will feminism stop enabling stupidity?': Welcome to the feminist flame wars Here’s an unusual view sure to enable a great deal of controversy.  The thesis is in a new book called Unwanted … [Read more...]

No fly…

Sept 24, 2016    Tyee (BC) – Michael Vonn Secret Bans, Secret Trials: The Canadian ‘No-Fly’ Lists The article is Vonn’s first in a series to invite participation in the federal conversation on national security.  Vonn works his way … [Read more...]

Edward Nolan Day – 40th Anniversary Aug. 10

  July 28, 2014   John Howard Society - Backgrounder for Prisoner’s Justice Day - Introduction by Catherine Latimer, Executive Director, JHSC This Prisoners' Justice Day marks 40 years since Edward Nolan committed suicide in a segregation cell … [Read more...]

Victim-offender dialogue…

  July 8, 2014  Correctional Services of Canada Victim-Centered Victim Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence  -  20 Essential Principles for Corrections-Based Victim Services  Recently released, the principles are specific to … [Read more...]

Speak up! Action Plan

 Aug. 15, 2013  Truro Daily News Provincial action plan addressing bullying, cyberbullying   Though first launched in February 2013, the province is starting the new school year with a conference featuring a series of 42 individual workshops … [Read more...]