A ketamine arrest…

Sept 2, 2020 CNN (US) - Sara Sidner and Julia Jones Two strangers, with the same first name, and a terrifying story about ketamine in policing Here is a cautionary tale for those crisis teams who recognize the role of medical personnel in response … [Read more...]

Public health…

July 2, 2020 Toronto Star - Brenna Owen, The Canadian Press Advocates in Canada call for community-led crisis intervention, not police The frequency of police interaction with mentally ill persons and the escalation of violence that accompanies … [Read more...]

Renewed light for tired problems

Sept 12. 2019 (Ed note: Smart Justice Network Canada (SJNC) has been working quietly for a new vision of criminal justice in Canada and has outlined what that new vision would propose.  We offer the perspective for election reflection / … [Read more...]

Temp workers…

May 17, 2019 CBC News – Rajeshni Naidu-Ghelani Number of temp workers jumped by 50% in last 20 years, StatsCan says This report may be insightful for understanding the issues around income inequality and growing inadequacy in income generally … [Read more...]


Mar 31, 2019  60 Minutes to Feature Success of Vera’s Restoring Promise Initiative at Repurposing a Maximum Security Prison Unit - CBS 60 Minutes - Sunday, March 31 at 7PM EST German-style prison rehab leads inmate to college basketball team and … [Read more...]

Legal scam?

Oct 20, 2018 Toronto Star – Patricia Winsa Letters to shoplifters threaten legal action if hundreds in damages aren’t paid — even if the goods are recovered Here’s a move that lawyers say depends on fear, threat, and ignorance of the law: … [Read more...]

Poor justice…

Sept 9, 2018 Toronto Star - Alok Mukherjee Policing society’s poor is unjust and ineffective Mukherjee, a former chair of the Toronto Police Services Board, weighs in on the issue of pursuing poor people for fines and delinquency in paying court … [Read more...]

Safe migration…

Aug 31, 2018 Davos – World Economic Forum – Anne Gallagher 3 reasons all countries should embrace the Global Compact for Migration The final draft of Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration has been recommended to the UN for … [Read more...]

Punish or cure?

July 31, 2018 The Guardian (UK) - Samira Shackle Should we treat crime as something to be cured rather than punished? Shackle presents the most important question plaguing contemporary prison reform.  In the light of constant confrontation with … [Read more...]


July 2, 2018 Church Council on Justice and Corrections Our Home and Native Land:  Nearly half of Canada’s Incarcerated Youth are Indigenous, according to Statistics Canada The Council’s reminder puts in contrast Canada’s preferred … [Read more...]