Mandatories, again…

Jan 17, 2021 CBC News – Canadian Press Supreme Court to examine limits on conditional sentencing The Supreme Court “has agreed to review an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling that found the Criminal Code provisions violated the charter because of … [Read more...]

White Privilege…

July 6, 2010 Go to: Toronto Star – Douglas Kwan He was fatally injured in police custody. Can a watchdog get ‘justice’ for this family? Why some say Canada’s oversight … [Read more...]

Access to justice…

  Feb. 10, 2014   Toronto Star –  Alyshah Hasham Access to justice: Help coming for people headed to Canada’s civil and family courts   Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas Cromwell who chaired a comprehensive report on how to … [Read more...]

Female offenders (UK)

   March 26, 2013  Ministry of Justice (UK) Strategic objectives for female offenders A six page report on issues to be addressed to reform the way women prisoners are treated in the UK, the report speaks to community provision, rehabilitation … [Read more...]

Jail for 12 year old girl

 January 28, 2013  CBC News Mom furious that girl, 12, jailed among adults A Newfoundland youth advocate says: “putting a minor in police cells for 11 days is excessive.”  The 12 year old was held 11 days in police cells before being … [Read more...]

Stiglitz on inequality

  January 23, 2013 Stiglitz on inequality Today, SJN offers a penetrating analysis of why economic recovery is slow and stagnant.  Columbia economics professor and author of Freefall Joseph Stiglitz suggests growing inequality of both … [Read more...]