White Privilege…

July 6, 2010 Go to:  https://twitter.com/WordsOnIce/status/1279512867713306624/photo/1 Toronto Star – Douglas Kwan He was fatally injured in police custody. Can a watchdog get ‘justice’ for this family? Why some say Canada’s oversight … [Read more...]

Access to justice…

  Feb. 10, 2014   Toronto Star –  Alyshah Hasham Access to justice: Help coming for people headed to Canada’s civil and family courts   Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas Cromwell who chaired a comprehensive report on how to … [Read more...]

Female offenders (UK)

   March 26, 2013  Ministry of Justice (UK) Strategic objectives for female offenders A six page report on issues to be addressed to reform the way women prisoners are treated in the UK, the report speaks to community provision, rehabilitation … [Read more...]

Jail for 12 year old girl

 January 28, 2013  CBC News Mom furious that girl, 12, jailed among adults A Newfoundland youth advocate says: “putting a minor in police cells for 11 days is excessive.”  The 12 year old was held 11 days in police cells before being … [Read more...]

Stiglitz on inequality

  January 23, 2013 Stiglitz on inequality Today, SJN offers a penetrating analysis of why economic recovery is slow and stagnant.  Columbia economics professor and author of Freefall Joseph Stiglitz suggests growing inequality of both … [Read more...]