Show up!

Aug 18, 2021 The Conversation – John D. Cameron Canadian election 2021: Risk-averse charities, civil society groups must show up Did you realize that normally, for fear of being seen as political, non-profits and charitable organizations go silent … [Read more...]

Prisoners’ rights…

Aug 15, 2019 Millhaven Lifers Liaison Group (MLLG) - Jeff Thomas (Ed note:  Many identifiable groups with common interests are beginning to develop a human rights perspective to help guide fair and legal treatment under common understanding of … [Read more...]

Pay for success…

   Mar 28, 2014  From the National Symposium in Ottawa…  Ottawa Citizen – Don Butler ‘Pay for success’ initiative charts new course for crime prevention - ‘The evidence shows that prison is a miserable failure’   Molly Baldwin, the CEO of … [Read more...]

Prisoners’ rights & Solitary

March 29, 2013  Globe and Mail - Rod Mickleburgh B.C.’s provincial health officer critical of federal crime bill BC provincial health officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, says that the ‘tough-on-crime approach is not only resulting in disproportionate harm … [Read more...]