Wrong House…

 Nov 3, 2013   CBC News Saskatoon Gang member pleads guilty in Lorry Santos murder case Three members of a gang were sent to Saskatoon from Alberta to kill a defector from the gang but given the wrong address, resulting in the pointless death of … [Read more...]

Income inequality

 July 23, 2013 Ottawa Citizen – Barry Carin No clear definition in ‘inequality’ debate  Carin identifies ‘income inequality’ as a key phrase in the international development context this year and then suggests that the term is … [Read more...]


 June 22, 2013   Daily Record and Sunday Mail – (Scotland) Corroborating evidence in criminal trials could be abolished in justice changes Long held to be an essential of criminal justice, corroborating evidence may be eliminated from the … [Read more...]

New prison unrest

  April 28, 2013  880 AM NEWS - Alberta prison guards fighting back  When the provincial government ignored concerns raised by guards around the new Edmonton remand centre, an entire shift of 70 guards staged a wildcat strike.  Two … [Read more...]