Big data, big brother…

Jan 3, 2018   CBC News – Brett Ruskin Canadian government to search social media using artificial intelligence to predict suicides - Feds to hire company with patented method to identify online trends and predict real-life events This latest … [Read more...]

A truly safer Canada…

     Sept 18, 2015 (Ed note: The Smart Justice Network of Canada Election 2015 statement is now available directly on our web site: )  Will the next Canadian … [Read more...]

Hearings on prostitution law…

  July 7, 2014  CTV News Prostitution hearings prompt special summer parliament session  Monday, July 7, will see a special meeting of the House Justice Committee for hearings on the prostitution bill, the replacement for the one struck down by … [Read more...]

Justice and safety…

 Dec. 4, 2013  Collaborative Centre for Justice and Safety (SK) New organization and website  This newly formed Centre combines the former Saskatchewan Justice Institute (SJI) and the Canadian Centre for Public Safety and First Responders.  This … [Read more...]

Whose safety?

 Nov. 22, 2013  CBC News – Karina Roman  Proposed labour code changes worry safety advocates  Again the federal government is relying in the omnibus approach and buried with the proposed C-4 Omnibus Bill are several changes to the Canadian Labour … [Read more...]

Kingston’s legacy!

 Oct. 9, 2013  Toronto Star - Nicholas Hune-Brown Kingston Penitentiary's brutal legacy  When this notorious and brutal prison closed last week, the United Way of Kingston sold 9,000 tickets almost overnight for tours of the testimony given to our … [Read more...]

Income inequality gaps for Canada

 Sept. 11, 2013   Toronto Star - Heather Scoffield National Household Survey: Richest are middle-aged, white men  The National Household Survey was meant to replace the old, long form of statistics.  The info for 2011 was delayed.  Median income … [Read more...]

When are we safe?

 Aug 24, 2013  Fox News – Phoenix, AZ 6 immigration activists arrested at protest outside Phoenix ICE facility  In a protest before an ICE detention centre, the daughter a citizen, the mother undocumented ask:  When are we safe?  “Jaquelina … [Read more...]

Desperate to stay…

 Aug. 18, 2013  Toronto Star – Insight - David Hayes Desperate to stay: Program helps ‘unaccompanied minors’ navigate Canada’s refugee process  The article goes through the immigration process when an unaccompanied minor arrives in Canada.  Often … [Read more...]


 Aug. 16, 2013  U.S. Attorney General Smart on Crime: Reforming the Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century  This document, released by the Attorney General offers five goals and five principles for implementing Smart-on-crime.  There are … [Read more...]