“He shouldn’t have died like this…”

Oct 15, 2017 Toronto Star - Fatima Syed ‘My beautiful son is dead’: Family still searching for answers after Whitby man’s 2016 death in prison Barely a week after the release of a report from Howard Sapers on the state of Corrections in … [Read more...]

No where to go…

  Aug 17, 2014  Ottawa Citizen – Emma Loop Severely mentally ill offender almost dumped at emergency as her sentence ended  A woman inmate released from prison was brought to an emergency room of the hospital where corrections officers had … [Read more...]

On transparency and gags…

  Aug. 13, 2014  Global News - Amy Minsky Gag order to be imposed on new RCMP transparency office  Have we reached the height of silliness in this latest?  The Public Safety Department is revising the Civilian Review and Complaints … [Read more...]

On judicial conduct

   Mar 14, 2014  Winnipeg Free Press – Mary Agnes Welch 'A closed mind' on the bench?   The appointment of former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench has judges themselves wondering.  Toews had at … [Read more...]


 Aug. 21, 2013  Toronto Star - Jennifer Pagliaro Sammy Yatim: Toronto Const. James Forcillo charged with murder in shooting death of man on TTC streetcar   “Good morning justice!” Sammy Yatim’s sister Sarah tweeted when she heard the … [Read more...]