RJ Stories

  Nov. 6, 2013  RJ in British Columbia Collecting RJ Stories  RJ Victoria has a project to collect stories around RJ activity.  Stories need to be less than 500 words and need to protect the identity of persons in the story.  The hope is to have … [Read more...]

Prorogation and C-54

 Aug. 22, 2013  The Tri-Cities Now (Coquitlam, BC) – Jeremy Deutsch Victims disappointed - Prime Minister prorogues and stalls bill C-54  In 2008 in Merritt, BC, Allan Schoenborn killed the three children of Darcie Clark.  C-54 was intended to … [Read more...]


 Aug. 16, 2013  U.S. Attorney General Smart on Crime: Reforming the Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century  This document, released by the Attorney General offers five goals and five principles for implementing Smart-on-crime.  There are … [Read more...]