“Like flies…”

   Nov. 14, 2014  Global TV News ‘We’ve been dropping like flies’: Soldier speaks out about mental health in the military Forty-two year old Petty Officer 2nd Class Kerry Houghton describes what it was like for her as she suffered through … [Read more...]

Wrong House…

 Nov 3, 2013   CBC News Saskatoon Gang member pleads guilty in Lorry Santos murder case Three members of a gang were sent to Saskatoon from Alberta to kill a defector from the gang but given the wrong address, resulting in the pointless death of … [Read more...]

Income inequity as an election issue?

 Sept. 20, 2013  Globe and Mail – Armine Yalnizyan Five years of economic recovery have been far from equal   The question of income inequity is getting new focus because it is now seen to slow the recovery and to undermine the notion that … [Read more...]

RJ and the coffee pot

 Sept. 15, 2013  Times Live (Zaire) – Nashira Davids The office peace corps  Somewhat tongue-in-cheek with a why-not? flavour, Davids recounts the application of RJ to disputes and tensions coming from the use of the coffee pot at the … [Read more...]