Enough meanness…

    Aug 6, 2015  Toronto Star – Thomas Axworthy A referendum on Stephen Harper and his meaner Canada   Axworthy, a senior fellow at Global Affairs at the Munk School of UofT , offers an analysis of the Harper years as an effort to re-design … [Read more...]

Bail and over-crowding…

    May 26, 2015  Canadian Law Times – Yamri Tadesse Lawyers predict more overcrowding after St-Cloud  The SCC recently ruled in R. vs. St. Cloud that, beyond the two normal reasons for denial of bail – danger to offend again or flight risk – the … [Read more...]

Our home and native land…

 Dec 9, 2013  Toronto Star – Atkinson Series Canada: It really is our home and native land   This article is the start of two weeks of commentary and analysis on Canada and the willingness to participate actively in our democratic processes.  … [Read more...]

Aggressive Seniors

 Sept. 12, 2013  Vancouver Sun – Daniel Fontaine Aging poses new challenges for justice system - Opinion:  We need more attention, resources that addresses issue of aggressive seniors with dementia  Here’s a look at the problem of senior citizens … [Read more...]

Dig deeper

December 1, 2012   St. Catherines Standard - By Lynn McCleary Dig deep to find answers to mental health problems Lynn, an associate professor of nursing at Brock University, suggests that mental health problems are akin to rescuing babies in … [Read more...]