The politics of prison?

Mar 17, 2017 Globe and Mail – Patrick White Federal prisons have become less deadly, crowded under Liberals, numbers show The criminal justice crowd are frankly puzzled.  In the year since Trudeau’s liberals have taken power, the signs of danger … [Read more...]

Why conflict with courts?

   Aug 8, 2014  CBC News – Justin Ling Analysis:  Harper government's legal setbacks suggest strategy of confrontation  CBC’s Justin Ling answers a question many have wondered about: why so many federal government legislative confrontations with … [Read more...]

Paying for policing…

Aug. 6, 2014  Toronto Star – Colin Kenny Are taxpayers ready to pay for more humane policing?  Kenny looks at the report from Supreme Court Judge Frank Iacobucci who tabled 84 recommendations about police incidents with the mentally ill or people … [Read more...]

Violence in Youth Centre

  June 26, 2014  Toronto Star – Patty Winsa Self-defence training, protective equipment ordered for youth jail guards after attacks, union says  The Roy McMurtry Youth Centre in Brampton has had several recent incidents of violence in which … [Read more...]

Victim Research…

  June 19, 2014  Canadian Families and Corrections Network (CFCN) - Dr. Stacey Hannem and Louise Leonardi Family - Victim Research: Needs and Characteristics (Ontario Region)  The 56 page report (downloadable pdf) is specific to the Ontario … [Read more...]

Red flags…

   June 11, 2014  Toronto Star – Editorial Red flags over Canada’s approach to detaining migrants who pose a flight risk  Canada appears to endorse ‘endless detention’ for failed refuges whom some immigration officials fear will not show up … [Read more...]


   May 8, 2014  Globe and Mail - Editorial Deadly statistics, unanswered questions and missing aboriginal women The editorial is wondering what level of horror will be required to induce the federal government to hold an inquiry if 1,186 … [Read more...]

Healing a sick nation…

   April 7, 2014  CBC News – Stephen Smith Martin Luther King, Jr.: Why he asked a Canadian to help 'heal a sick nation'  On anniversary of King’s assassination, Janet Somerville reflects on time spent with the civil rights activist.  King … [Read more...]

Criminal background checks…

  Mar 20, 2014  Toronto Star – Jennifer Pagliaro Toronto police criminal-background check backlog puts thousands of jobs and studies in limbo   There are two types of background check involved.  One is simply an indication – a clearance … [Read more...]

Home takeovers

  Mar 19, 2014  Crime Prevention Ottawa New campaign on home takeovers  Crime Prevention Ottawa, together with our community partners, has released a poster and information card to help vulnerable tenants and their neighbours deal with the … [Read more...]