Indigenous rights…

Oct. 19, 2020  CBC News – Catherine Tunney Indigenous services minister calls raid on N.S. fishing facilities an 'assault' on Mi'kmaw people - Marc Miller calls on RCMP to keep the peace as Nova Scotia fishery dispute escalates The issue is the … [Read more...]

Predictive policing…

Sept 3, 2020 National Newswatch - Michelle McQuigge Use of predictive policing tools in Canada highlight need for federal action, report says We in Canada have already had warnings of police use of eavesdropping equipment on cell phones.  The … [Read more...]

Renewed light for tired problems

Sept 12. 2019 (Ed note: Smart Justice Network Canada (SJNC) has been working quietly for a new vision of criminal justice in Canada and has outlined what that new vision would propose.  We offer the perspective for election reflection / … [Read more...]


May 14, 2019 A great champion for a larger humanity - Jean Vanier Toronto Star – Editorial Board (May 8, 2019) Jean Vanier challenged what it means to be … [Read more...]

Still moms…

April 24, 2019  Elizabeth Fry Society (Ottawa) No mother left behind… We have often written about the criminal justice system in Canada and its impact on women.  Needless to say, as many as 7 of 10 women in jail are also mothers separated from … [Read more...]

Feet in prison…

April 20, 2019 Vatican News – Dennis Watkins Pope washes inmates' feet at Mass of Lord’s Supper In a tradition Holy Week gesture of solidarity and reconciliation, Pope Francis this week visited Velletri Prison, just outside Rome to celebrate … [Read more...]


Mar 31, 2019  60 Minutes to Feature Success of Vera’s Restoring Promise Initiative at Repurposing a Maximum Security Prison Unit - CBS 60 Minutes - Sunday, March 31 at 7PM EST German-style prison rehab leads inmate to college basketball team and … [Read more...]

Another wave?

Jan 14, 2019 MacLean’s - Andrew McDougal The one question Conservatives need to answer before they say anything As the 2019 federal election looms over us, and we recognize some gains in restorative justice measures after the Harper … [Read more...]

World Refugee Day

June 20, 2018 From UNHCR: “They have faced the unimaginable. They have witnessed the unspeakable. Yet even in their darkest hour, millions of refugees all over the world continue to see the light, demonstrating strength, courage and a will to … [Read more...]

Big data, big brother…

Jan 3, 2018   CBC News – Brett Ruskin Canadian government to search social media using artificial intelligence to predict suicides - Feds to hire company with patented method to identify online trends and predict real-life events This latest … [Read more...]