Trauma training…

Oct. 28, 2017 Policy Options – Elizabeth Sheehy and Simon Lapierre The Jordan decision’s impact on cases of violence against women The Jordan decision was a clarification by the Supreme Court of Canada about what constitutes unreasonable delay … [Read more...]

“He shouldn’t have died like this…”

Oct 15, 2017 Toronto Star - Fatima Syed ‘My beautiful son is dead’: Family still searching for answers after Whitby man’s 2016 death in prison Barely a week after the release of a report from Howard Sapers on the state of Corrections in … [Read more...]

A better profit?…

Aug 11, 2017 The Guardian – Rob Owen Our pioneering project has cut reoffending - and paid a 3% dividend They are called Social Impact Bonds or Sibs and this one is run by a UK trust of which Owen is the CEO.  Their return on investment is 3% … [Read more...]

Health care for inmates…

Mar 13, 2017 Globe and Mail – Patrick White B.C. Health Ministry to take responsibility for inmate health care There has been much frustration and considerable conclusion of the inadequacy of health care delivered to inmates by the correctional … [Read more...]

A new way…

   April 19, 2014  The South Peace News - Richard Froese A new way of justice - Aboriginal way of justice deserves a hard look  As part of honouring the National Victim of Crime Awareness Week, the day-long gathering featured retired … [Read more...]

Aggressive Seniors

 Sept. 12, 2013  Vancouver Sun – Daniel Fontaine Aging poses new challenges for justice system - Opinion:  We need more attention, resources that addresses issue of aggressive seniors with dementia  Here’s a look at the problem of senior … [Read more...]

Violent outbursts

 June 7, 2013  Vancouver Province New institute at SFU will research conduct disorder, a childhood condition that can lead to a life of violent crime  Psychologist Robert McMahon, with a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, has … [Read more...]