Aug 22, 2016  Toronto Star – Michelle Shepherd What to do about the next Aaron Driver Prof. Alexandra Bain is a mother, a grandmother and a convert to the Muslim faith.  Bain is doing research on the social media presence of the fighters to one … [Read more...]

Legal aid cuts – UK

 June 11, 2013  The Independent (UK) – Paul Peachey Legal aid changes 'will lead to convictions of innocent'  The Criminal Cases Review Commission, itself a government agency, is mandated to investigate miscarriages of justice.  The Commission is … [Read more...]


 May 4, 2013  Hamilton Spectator Cyberbullying: growing trend that takes a toll - Social media make hatred so much easier, Grade 11 student tells panel  Teen advocate Rebecca Sampson says at a hate crime forum that 47% of parents have reported a … [Read more...]

Expensive pardons

 February 4, 2013  Toronto Star Editorial Opinion: Michael Ashby Ottawa’s anti-crime agenda hurts Canadians looking for a new start Michael Ashby, director of the National Pardon Center, voices in total frustration a query about how … [Read more...]

Jail for 12 year old girl

 January 28, 2013  CBC News Mom furious that girl, 12, jailed among adults A Newfoundland youth advocate says: “putting a minor in police cells for 11 days is excessive.”  The 12 year old was held 11 days in police cells before being brought from … [Read more...]

Oxfam on inequality

January 25, 2013  Oxfam (UK) The cost of inequality: how wealth and income extremes hurt us all Declaring extreme wealth unethical, Oxfam thinks economic inequality is not inevitable and has some suggestions – and a goal for 2025 -  about what can … [Read more...]

Stiglitz on inequality

  January 23, 2013 Stiglitz on inequality Today, SJN offers a penetrating analysis of why economic recovery is slow and stagnant.  Columbia economics professor and author of Freefall Joseph Stiglitz suggests growing inequality of both incomes … [Read more...]

Ashley Smith inquest

January 22, 2013 CBC News – Ashley Smith jurors watch video showing her death A gruesome sight showing the last moments of Ashley Smith life and the immediate aftermath on a CSC video tape, a powerful scene that makes one repeat the query: how … [Read more...]

A diverse RJ

  January 16, 2013 A diverse RJ RJ has long had an obstacle in that the practice was suitable for minor offenses but not for more serious and perhaps violent offences.  These links take you to a couple of feminist viewpoints, briefly … [Read more...]

Funding Immigration enforcement

January 12, 2013 (Ed note: The following two links represent quite adversarial positions, possibly politically motivated, on the question of funding for immigration enforcement in the US.  We are not aware of any similar Canadian figures.)  The … [Read more...]