July 6, 2023 – US

July 6, 2023 - US   Pew Research (US) - Janell Fetterolf How Americans’ views of the U.S. compare with international views of the U.S. - People around the world see both strengths and flaws in the United States, but they generally view … [Read more...]

Mental health in prisons

November 30, 2012 Huffington Post (Canada): Dyanoosh Youssefi Should the mentally ill be put in jail?  Say one thing, do the opposite. That sums up the Canadian government's approach to the treatment of the mentally ill in the criminal justice … [Read more...]

Finding direction: Expanding criminal justice options by considering policies of other nations

This report compares criminal justice systems and social indicators for six countries including Canada. Countries choosing fines, community service, probation, or treatment did not produce higher victimization rates. Some countries used sentence … [Read more...]

Chief Justice of Alaska calls for Smart Justice

Chief Justice Walter Carpeneti, Juneau, Alaska, asks the legislature to consider Smart Justice. The idea that jail time is the fitting response to every crime, or even to most crimes, has become an expensive and a possibly unnecessary proposition. … [Read more...]

Vera Institute: Reallocating justice resources

With fewer dollars available, state criminal justice agencies are challenged to increase public safety while coping with smaller budgets. This report distills lessons from 14 U.S. states that passed research-driven sentencing and corrections reform … [Read more...]