July 6, 2023 – US

July 6, 2023 - US   Pew Research (US) - Janell Fetterolf How Americans’ views of the U.S. compare with international views of the U.S. - People around the world see both strengths and flaws in the United States, but they generally view … [Read more...]

What now…

Nov 7, 2020 (Ed note: here are a medley of articles about what is next in politics in the US.  The populist undertow is likely not ending but growing and will look for new breathe.) American Civil Liberties Union - Taylor Pendergrass Criminal … [Read more...]

Adult penalties?

April 11, 2013  Ottawa Citizen – Andrew Seymour Crown wants teen pimps sentenced as adults if convicted Three teenagers, 15 and 16 year olds, are charged in pimping and using threats of violence and violence to compel other underage girls to … [Read more...]


 February 21, 2012  The Texas Tribune - Brandi Grissom Andre Thomas: Mental Health, Criminal Justice Collide The first of a six part series investigating the collision between mental health and criminal justice, this article about pursuing the … [Read more...]

Health rights

February 6, 2013  Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMHJ) – Adam Miller Providing principled health care in prison The Journal continues its series – the fifth to date - on health concerns, medical and psychological, for inmates in prisons in … [Read more...]

Expensive pardons

 February 4, 2013  Toronto Star Editorial Opinion: Michael Ashby Ottawa’s anti-crime agenda hurts Canadians looking for a new start Michael Ashby, director of the National Pardon Center, voices in total frustration a query about how … [Read more...]

Caught in the cracks

February 3, 2013  Victoria Times Colonist (BC) – Jack Knox No justice for mentally ill caught in the cracks Knox reports on the mental health implications for two murder trials now taking place.  Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Shabehram Lohrasbe thinks … [Read more...]


February 1, 2013 Solitary Watch – Bloggers Jean Casella and James Ridgeway State Bar Association Calls on New York to “Profoundly Restrict” Its Use of Solitary Confinement Written by the New York State Bar Association Civil Rights Committee, the … [Read more...]

Jail for 12 year old girl

 January 28, 2013  CBC News Mom furious that girl, 12, jailed among adults A Newfoundland youth advocate says: “putting a minor in police cells for 11 days is excessive.”  The 12 year old was held 11 days in police cells before being brought from … [Read more...]

Yoga in jail?

January 27, 2013  The Good Men Project – Cameron Conaway Yoga should be included in the prison reform discussion Compared to weight lifting, yoga provides the same physical release but in a more contemplative way.  Conaway thinks that yoga can … [Read more...]