Mental health in housing…

Nov 25, 2020 Wellesley Institute (Canada) - Vinusha Gunaseelan, Alissa Klingbaum, Thrmiga Sathiyamoorthy Jurisdictional Scan of COVID-19 Provincial and Territorial Income Transfer Programs in Canada The link offers a summary of the latest … [Read more...]

Charities and then charities…

 Nov. 17, 2014  Globe and Mail – Gerald Caplan As CRA audits charities, there’s a scandal within a scandal   The question of the use of the CRA audits against charities voicing opposition to the Harper government policy is not new.  Caplan is … [Read more...]

Where’s the money?

 April 15, 2014  Victoria Times Colonist (BC) – Katie DeRosa Victims’ rights bill lacks resources, critics say   The Victims Bill of Rights has lots of promises but no new money to fund the services or the RJ processes.  Mary Campbell, a 30 … [Read more...]

Spousal rights…

 April 8  Canadian Press – Terry Pedwell Spousal exemption an obstacle, says MacKay   Under Canadian law, spouses do not have to testify against the other spouse.  Exceptions are for sexual assault and cases involving children.  Justice … [Read more...]

Victims rights still an issue…

   April 6, 2014  Globe and Mail – Sean Fine Victims rights bill doesn’t live up to its name, critics say   Critics say that the bill is bogus because it does not give victims the right to legally enforceable rights and remedies by court … [Read more...]

Criminal background checks…

  Mar 20, 2014  Toronto Star – Jennifer Pagliaro Toronto police criminal-background check backlog puts thousands of jobs and studies in limbo   There are two types of background check involved.  One is simply an indication – a clearance … [Read more...]

Home takeovers

  Mar 19, 2014  Crime Prevention Ottawa New campaign on home takeovers  Crime Prevention Ottawa, together with our community partners, has released a poster and information card to help vulnerable tenants and their neighbours deal with the … [Read more...]

Income inequality

 July 23, 2013 Ottawa Citizen – Barry Carin No clear definition in ‘inequality’ debate  Carin identifies ‘income inequality’ as a key phrase in the international development context this year and then suggests that the term is contentious and … [Read more...]

Bill C-479

 May 28, 2013  Globe and Mail Editorial Sometimes victims’ rights clash with public safety  The editorial offers an opinion on Bill C-479 and wonders with the Executive Director of Ottawa Victim Services if the bill may not put public safety at … [Read more...]

Victims rights

  April 24, 2013  Department of Justice – Government of Canada Government of Canada Launches Consultations on the Victims Bill of Rights  Consultations open to the public will be hosted on-line from May 1 to June 30, 2013. Those interested … [Read more...]