More money, more police…

Jan 6, 2023 Yahoo News – Abhya Adlakha 'It's beyond disgusting': Mayor Tory's $48 million budget increase for Toronto police faces backlash from public  - Residents say the money would be better spent on transit, affordable housing While … [Read more...]


Nov. 25, 2022 The Conversation (Queen’s) - Joanna Pozzulo and Emily Pica Eyewitness misidentification is the leading cause of known wrongful convictions Wrongful convictions are sufficiently common that the legal system is looking to understand … [Read more...]

Prime Aggregator

July 17, 2022  Criminological Highlights – Anthony Doob and Rosemary Gartner, U of T This June’s issue of the informative papers is burdened with news that the federal Department of Justice subsidy of approximately one quarter of the real … [Read more...]

Show up!

Aug 18, 2021 The Conversation – John D. Cameron Canadian election 2021: Risk-averse charities, civil society groups must show up Did you realize that normally, for fear of being seen as political, non-profits and charitable organizations go … [Read more...]

Court show…

May 27, 2021  In Canada Courts?  Live Video coverage now available! Deepan Budlakoti is going to court, and so can you!  The issues here are the conditions and treatment inside the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre, reputed to be awful for some … [Read more...]

Me and the Bear…

May 21, 2021  APTN News - Brett Forester Blackstock gears up for latest Federal Court fight to end ‘human rights tragedy’ against First Nations kids - Ottawa seeks judicial review of rulings that compensate victims of the discriminatory CFS … [Read more...]


May 8, 2020 Policy Options – Jude McCulloch and JaneMaree Maher The Intimate Connection between Mass Shootings and Violence against Women - The Nova Scotia attacks began with domestic violence. It fits a pattern that police, policy-makers and … [Read more...]

Hurry up!

Feb 29, 2020 Toronto Star - Warren (Smokey) Thomas, Contributor and president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union Ford hires U.S. firm to push Ontarians off welfare A hit team against the poor and vulnerable? A US company will get paid … [Read more...]

Legal scam?

Oct 20, 2018 Toronto Star – Patricia Winsa Letters to shoplifters threaten legal action if hundreds in damages aren’t paid — even if the goods are recovered Here’s a move that lawyers say depends on fear, threat, and ignorance of the law: … [Read more...]