Feb 14, 2022 Toronto Star Editorial – Feb 10, 2022 Response to occupation and blockades has been a massive failure of leadership - ‘Municipalities have been basically abandoned by politicians, who are playing jurisdictional games rather than … [Read more...]



Mar 10, 2021  Globe and Mail – Kristy Kirkup Correctional Service of Canada fails to track employees accused of sexual assault in prisons At least three guards have been charged with sex crimes in recent years at The Nova Institution for Women, … [Read more...]

By any other name…

Feb. 28, 2021 Globe and Mail – Robyn Urback There’s only one group of Canadians the government can get away with torturing Dr Anthony Doob and Jane Sprott recently published a report on the status of solitary confinement in Canada and they, and … [Read more...]

Arbitrary Detention…

Feb 16, 2021 CBC News – Mike Blanchfield, Canadian Press Canada, dozens of allies, declare arbitrary detentions immoral amid Kovrig, Spavor In the pursuit of the release of the two Michaels (Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor) from Chinese … [Read more...]

A ketamine arrest…

Sept 2, 2020 CNN (US) - Sara Sidner and Julia Jones Two strangers, with the same first name, and a terrifying story about ketamine in policing Here is a cautionary tale for those crisis teams who recognize the role of medical personnel in response … [Read more...]

A stretch?

Oct 11, 2017 Globe and Mail – Liam Casey / The Canadian Press Manslaughter charges against alleged fentanyl dealers piling up across Canada Police forces across the country have begun, in an effort to stem deaths from overdoses of fentanyl, to lay … [Read more...]

Statistical nonsense?

  Oct. 27, 2013  CTV News A Visual Breakdown of Crimes Committed in Canada  Here are a few stats on crime and on the crime severity index in Canada.  So you thought the big cities lead the way?  This sort of reporting will certainly make you … [Read more...]