Boot camps?

December 4, 2012

The Conversation (Australia) – Kelly Richards and Samantha Lyneham
Ten-hut! Boot camps can’t replace youth programs

Australia has just passed new legislation establishing boot camps for young offenders.  Two professors from the Australian Institute of Criminology challenge the assumptions behind boot camps.  They say, “While those in favour of correctional boot camps typically argue that the conditions imposed on young people are conducive to positive growth and change, critics argue that boot camps are likely to exacerbate feelings of anger and reinforce aggressive values and behaviours.”

A blog from Brenda Morison – SFU Restorative Justice Program
Rethinking Justice New Perspectives on Old Challenges

A well-known advocate for RJ and director of the SFU RJ Program, Brenda thinks the time is here for a re-think.  “Our justice system,” she says, “needs a fundamental re-think and re-fit.  We can no longer fix the problem with the same old solutions: more police, more prosecution, more punishment – the three traditional Ps of our justice system.”

Guardian (UK) – Bilbo Poynter in Hamilton, Ontario
Private prison firms look to cash in on Canada asylum crackdown

A Canadian reporter for the UK Guardian raises the alarm about the possibility of considerable needs for detention of refugees and asylum seekers following the December enactment of the new Canadian immigration laws.  Detention is mandatory for anyone whose identity can not be established.  Poynter says  “increased government use of  immigration detention has refugee lawyers and advocates worried.” Serco is one of the biggest players in the immigration detention business worldwide, already enjoys government business, and is actively lobbying for immigration service delivery.

iPolitics – Laura Stone
‘Temporary’ prison double-bunking in segregation continued for two years: records

Following a declaration yesterday that the federal government plans to pursue double bunking as policy, Stone follows up with some evidence that double bunking has been in use even in segregation in Stoney Mountain Institute in Manitoba for two years.  The practice of double bunking in segregation requires the approval of the commissioner of CSC.

CBC News:
5 Saskatchewan prisoners sue over ‘nervous shock’

The judge has instructed the plaintiffs to get a lawyer and make the complaints specific and, it appears, the judge would hear the case and decide whether the shock to the nervous system is to be expected or beyond those prescribed by Canadian law.

CBS TV News (Arizona) – Phil Benson
Arpaio orders female chain gang to spread DUI message

Motorists will see Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s female chain gang in the area of 40th Street and McDowell Road on Tuesday morning warning about the dangers of drunken driving.