February 21, 2012

 The Texas Tribune – Brandi Grissom
Andre Thomas: Mental Health, Criminal Justice Collide

The first of a six part series investigating the collision between mental health and criminal justice, this article about pursuing the death penalty brings the issue into sharp relief.  20% of those on death row and 15% of those in general population are diagnosed by the University of Texas Medical Branch as suffering from mental illness. Texas continues to seek court permission to execute in the case of Andre Thomas.

 World Socialist Web Site – Gary Joad
The health care crisis in the US prison system

The author traces the development of private prisons and the profit motive around incarceration for the crisis in health management for prisoners and immigration detainees.  The problems are compounded because these private prisons are not subject to freedom of access to information. 

 Guardian (UK) – Eric Allison
Man, 84, dies at immigration detention centre

A Canadian man, Alois Dvorzac, who complained of heart pains while being detained, is seventh to die at Harmondsworth Immigration Detention Centre since 2001, and no one is able to say why he was detained in the first place, not even the Canadian High Commission who cite privacy reasons for silence on the issue. 

 Vanderbilt University – Jim Patterson
What a prison sentence continues to take after release

Researcher Evelyn Patterson has been looking at what other impacts serving time makes once released.  She is suggesting that for every year in prison the prisoner may lose two years of life expectancy.

 Canon City Daily Record (Colorado) – Carie Canterbury
Officials weigh prison industry’s future

Downsizing prisons because there are empty places means jobs are lost as well, even if the empty beds are in private prisons. Colorado Public News reported that in December 2012, there were 2,109 empty beds in prisons across the state. 

 Columbia Journalism Review – Sasha Chavkin
Immigration reform and private prison cash

Now that the debate is underway in the US about immigration, detention and prison policies are both a preoccupation.  According to Chavkin, “Key lawmakers in the immigration debate are among the top recipients of campaign contributions from the prison industry.”

Denver Post (US) – Sadie Gurman
Agreement keeps Denver police out of most school discipline

The school district is committed to RJ practices and has reached an agreement with police in the school for training of officers on RJ practices and on when to intervene. 

 Australian Government: Working paper
Development of a prototype Australian Mental Health Intervention Classification

This 138 page pdf is the beginning of a Mental Health Intervention Classification (MHIC) aimed at allowing “a consistent scheme for mental health interventions for use in Australian health care settings.” 

 BC Society of Transition Houses (BCSTH) Library
Resources for people who work to end violence against women, children & youth

At the link there is a listing of resources and services available as the Library begins to accumulate information on the role of RJ in cases of violence against women and children.

 International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP- US)
IIRP to host seven 90 minute webinars in February and March

Topics include the school to prison pipeline, bullying on college campus, revolutionizing our response to wrongdoing, children in adversity, becoming a restorative manager, whole school change through restorative practices, family re-unification.

 Alberta Correctional Education Association (ACEA)

The 27th Annual Conference: “Trauma, Violence and Rehabilitation”  March 6, 7 and 8, 2013  Banff Park Lodge