National RJ Conference


May 14, 2013

 2013 National Restorative Justice Symposium – Toronto, ON

Nov. 17-19, 2013

 This year’s theme: “to promote, develop and grow restorative justice in Canada and around the world by providing new insights at the National Restorative Justice Symposium in November 2013 – with a focus on Innovation!”

 Your Alberta
Restorative Justice and Its Implications for Community

 Judge Peter Ayotte and Teresa O’Riordan look at the practices of RJ in Alexis First Nations community, particularly from the perspective of the implications for FASD.  The Youtube video is 2 hours 25 minutes and the link offers other productions by Your Alberta.

 Canstar (MB) Herald – Dan Falloon
Play brings forth restorative justice issue

 Forgiven/Forgotten by Toronto-area playwright Johnny Wideman tries to present the issues around justice rather than conclusion.  The play is scheduled for 10 performances around the Winnipeg area.

 Kitsap Sun – Shannon Dininny – Associated Press
Wash. prison brings together solitary inmates

 Walla Walla State Penitentiary is trying to deal with transition from solitary beck into the general population by bringing those confined in solitary together, even rival gangs, while staff and inmates try to reduce the violence and the solitary practice.  There are about 400 in solitary at Walla Walla.

 San Francisco Chronicler – Deepak Chopra, M.D.
The Fear Factor: How Scared Are People?

 Chopra looks at the way fear of crime works in communities and offers the findings of a Gallup World survey.  He thinks crime stats have too many built in problems so the Gallup scientists asked about feeling safe walking around at night.

 Voice of Orange County – Adam Elmahrek
Built After Crime Wave, Santa Ana Jail Now Fiscal Albatross

 A word of caution may be in order for those wanting to build more prisons. The city jail has become a financial albatross with dropping crime rates and is now dependent on income from ICE for housing immigration detainees.  Nature abhors a vacuum! 

 Solidarity across Borders. Org – Amy Darwish and Graham Latham,  People’s Commission Network
Outsourcing racism: Bill C-31, Prison Expansion, and the Detention of Immigrants

 The authors suggest that Canada, after the proclamation of C-31 in December 2012, now will see a sharp escalation in the practice of detention already well established.  Arbitrarily declared ‘safe-countries,’ limited access to humanitarian and compassionate grounds, and the lack of ‘proper’ identification among refugees makes detention more likely for those deemed a threat by discretionary decision. 

 CBC News
Rehtaeh Parsons report won’t lay blame, says panel – Cyberbullying expert backs laws against ‘revenge porn’

 A panel is asked to look at the way the Halifax school board responded to the incidents of cyberbullying that contributed to the death of Parsons.  Wayne MacKay, a law professor at Dalhousie and the chair of the N.S. Task Force on Bullying and Cyberbullying, says that new laws should be a last resort. 

 Richmond Confidential – Wendi Jonassen
For those in detention centers, calling home can be an expensive problem

 Expensive telephone costs are long associated with private prisons and immigration detention facilities.  How does $50 for 15 minutes sound?  The phone company buys an exclusive contract with the county and splits the profit – 57% to the county. 

 Kitsap Sun – Tay Wiles
Catholic Archbishop Cordileone Demands Immigration Reform

 The San Francisco archbishop wants national immigration reform in the hands of the feds, not as now in the hands of local law enforcement, responsible, say analysts for some 95,000 deportees across the country.  A path to citizenship is one of the priorities.

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While Congress Debates Immigration, Deportations Rage On

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Blumenthal proposes amendments to immigration bill