Income inequality

 July 23, 2013

Ottawa Citizen – Barry Carin
No clear definition in ‘inequality’ debate

 Carin identifies ‘income inequality’ as a key phrase in the international development context this year and then suggests that the term is contentious and subject to a considerable variation of definition and measurement tools.

 The Economist-(US)
The Great Gatsby curve – Don’t worry, old sport 

 Many point to income disparity as the root cause of social ills and crime.  Some think that income disparity is a good thing as long as there is also income mobility.  Countries with less disparity in level of income, so the thought goes, happen because the populations are more homogenous.  Countries with greater levels of income disparity are less homogenous and result from individual skills or genes even.  Or so the theory goes.  The Economist thinks that income levels are not so much from greater individual skills or genes as from greater opportunity through birth into privilege.

 Daily Mail (UK) – Martin Beckford
Fiasco as £2m fraud hotline loses 2,500 cases in just eight months… and blames error on computer fault

 The firm BSS was given £5 million to function as a public report center for fraud cases.  Nearly 2500 fraud victims are getting a letter claiming a computer glitch caused the loss of their reports and is responsible for the consequent inaction and the exclusion of this data from crime stats while failing to update police.  

 ABC Radio News (US)
Police: Mom Shackled Son’s Ankles over Fears of Gang Involvement 

 Irma Navarro, 37, a single mom with three kids was concerned that her 10 year old was out all day and not coming home until 10 PM.  Working as a house cleaner, and unable to afford a baby sitter for the two younger children, she was charged with wilful cruelty when neighbours saw the ten year with a chain around his ankles.  

 Vancouver Sun – Douglas Quan
Canadian gangs deal directly with Mexican cartels to boost profits: RCMP

 Canadian drug dealers are by-passing the middle man – in the US – and dealing directly with Mexican drug lords.  The price is at least ten murders of Canadians who were actively importing the drugs.  RCMP also suspect that Canada is becoming transit to the European markets. 

 Sage (US) – Christine M. Sarteschi
Mentally Ill Offenders Involved With the U.S. Criminal Justice System – A Synthesis

 The author, a professor at Chatham University, Pittsburgh, offers a synthesis about what is known about the mentally ill and the prison system in the US.  The paper itself follows the abstract at the link and has further links to the sources of information presented.  

Youcan Canada
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 CTV News (Winnipeg)
Relatives of murdered man say victims’ services won’t provide compensation due to criminal record 

We may do well to follow closely the detail of the Federal victims’ rights bill.  A similar bill passed in MB in 2010 but murder victim John Lund’s family were denied assistance (up to $5400 in funeral expenses) because the victim had a prior criminal record unrelated to his murder.  Related article:  CBC News  Pritchard Avenue homicide victim mourned at vigil

Vera Institute of Justice – Federal Sentencing Reporter
Realigning California Corrections 

 The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the realignment taking place in California consequent to the federal court directing the state to bring about reduction in prison population and better health services, especially for mental health.   Related article: Capitol Weekly – Samanatha Gallegos  Realignment targets adults, but youth system also in flux 

 ABC News (Arizona)
Eight immigrant youth activists detained upon re-entry to U.S. 

 Eight activists, all members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance,  first left the US for Mexico and then attempted to re-enter the US when they were detained by ICE and the eight filed applications for humanitarian parole at the border.  As of Monday afternoon, the eight were still not transferred to detention.–91716.html#ixzz2ZpWVHThD