NCR in bombing attempt?

  July 29, 2013

 Vancouver Sun – Louise Dickson, Times Colonist
B.C. Legislature bomb plot accused John Nuttall in psychiatric hospital

 Defense lawyer Thomas Morino says that Nutall, (and probably his co-accused Amanda Marie Korody) has been certified under the Canada Mental Health Act.  Nutall would need a second certificate before being released from jail to a psychiatric facility, raising the question of fitness to stand trail. 

 Globe and Mail  – Andrea Woo
Shabehram Lohrasbe’s goal: crime prevention rather than punishment 

 Dr. Shabehram Lohrasbe is a forensic psychiatrist with 30 years and 6,000 profiles under his belt.  He works at the intersection of psychiatry and criminal justice and many of the NCR cases in BC.  His ‘wish list,’ prompted by prevention and detection rather than punishment, looks for ways to deal with drugs and preventative measures for sexual violence. – Douglas Quan, Postmedia
Conservatives push to restrict temporary releases of federal prisoners

 Even while Correctional Services Canada is acknowledging the value and the purpose of temporary release, the federal government is pushing for greater restrictions, apparently by classification or crime rather than by assessment of risk.  “A gradual, structured, and supervised release process represents an effective means of contributing to public safety,” the CSC briefing document said.   Government spokesperson said the intent was “to close parole through the back door.”  Bill 483, a private member’s bill by Conservative MP Dave MacKenzie, will prohibit wardens the authority to allow temporary absences.   Related: Bill C-483 (the bill passed first reading in 2009 and was then re-instated in 2010 in the new Parliament without further action to date.

 South Bend Tribune (Indiana) – Nancy Sawyer Thomas
Restorative Justice -The rest of one family’s story 

 A bereaved widow shares an intimate letter from her husband, who died a victim of a drunk driving incident.  If ever there were a worthy motive for restorative justice, this story cries out for a different ending.  Related article:  South Bend Tribune – Editorial   Experience could make system better

 N.Y. Times – Jackie Calmes and Michael D. Shear 
Obama Says Income Gap Is Fraying U.S. Social Fabric

 Upward mobility, says Obama in an extended interview with the Times, has been decaying for a long time, even before the recent hard times and financial crisis.  The direct result is the weakening of the social fabric of the country and the hope for opportunity.  A growing economy, he says, is the way to confront racial tension and to create a sense of mutual investment in a viable future.

 Bayview (San Francisco) – Isaac Ontiveros 
Prisoner in Corcoran SHU dies while on hunger strike 

 An inmate of Corcoran State Prison confined in the Security Housing Unite (SHU), Billy Sell who had been on hunger strike but asking for medical attention for some days died by suicide according to prison authorities.  The L.A. Times report says he was found hanged in his cell.  Related article:  L.A. Times – Paige St. John   Corcoran inmate dies during prison protest,0,6282822.story

 Rockland Register Star – Chris Green
New Illinois laws designed to help curb gang violence 

 Long a part of the federal approach to mob crime, the state of Illinois is introducing a witness protection program to help persuade people  who witness gang activity to testify in court.