Cycle of punishment…

 Oct. 16, 2013

 CBC News
Ashley Smith ‘hopeless’ weeks before death, inquest told

 Kim Pate thinks that Ashley Smith was stuck in a cycle of punishment.  Pate testified that she wanted to have Smith transferred to hospital but that “once you’re in the situation it’s very difficult to re-characterize that behaviour other than as bad behaviour deserving of punishment.” 

 Ottawa Citizen – Glen McGregor
Harper’s plan for sex offender registry raises concerns about privacy, vigilantism – Proposed registry expected to figure in throne speech 

 McGregor lists the type of information available publicly on the New York State Sex Offender Registry.  While details are not known at this point, the registry is expected to raise concerns about both privacy and vigilantism.  Chances for employment are another drawback.   

 Globe and Mail – Andrea Woo
Franco Orr gets 18 months in human-trafficking case 

 Orr was convicted of human trafficking over a two year servitude of Leticia Sarmiento, a nanny brought into Canada and employed illegal.  The sentence is precedent setting under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 

 The Town Talk (Louisiana)
La. juvenile justice system coming under fire 

In this state, the worst jurisdiction in the world by percentage for imprisoning its citizens, the district attorney has the sole discretion about trying juveniles in adult court and then the juveniles are likely sent to adult correctional institutions.  No hints of change ahead in this state. 

 Law Times (Ontario) –  Glenn Kauth
11 years too long to bring someone to trial, judge finds 

 A man accused of murder was charged in 2002 for a 1999 case.  Between the murder and the charging, Joseph Arsenault left Canada for South Korean employment.  The Crown waited until 2009 when a passport expired and he was returned to Canada to arrest him.  The trail itself was then delayed until 2013.  The case was dismissed on the basis of the failure of the Crown to pursue extradition actively. 

 Law Times (Ontario) – Yamri Taddese
Discrimination in legal profession ‘not going away’ 

 The Law Society of Upper Canada has released a 10 year report that shows little improvement in discrimination and harassment complaints based on gender and minority status.  Half of the complaints were based on gender, about 26% on disability, and 16% on race. 

 USA Today – Nanci Hellmich
Lessons to be learned from latest cyberbullying story 

 Two Florida girls, aged 12 and 14, have been arrested and charged with cyberbullying and harassment – felony aggravated stalking – of Rebecca Sedwick of Lakeland, Fla., who died Sept. 9, throwing herself off a tower in an abandoned cement factory.  The link includes advice for children and parents.   Related article:   KMRG Radio – Rick Couri   Girls arrested for bullying/cyberbullying after 12 year old kills herself  Related article:  The World Age –   Two girls arrested after Facebook post bragging about role in cyber-bullying suicide    (Sherriff video 1 min 46 sec)