Psychiatric beds…

    June 5, 2014 –

 Global TV News – Anna Mehler Paperny 
Ottawa considers closing some prison psychiatric beds: Watchdog 

 Corrections Canada is cutting $300 million from its operations.  Last month the hours for nurses was reduced and now it appears that CSC is closing mental health beds within the federal system, all after Minister Blaney announced a new strategy to cope with the mentally ill behind bars.  

 End Immigration Detention
Jailed immigrants explain why they are boycotting their detention reviews 

 A two minute video in which immigrants themselves, jailed in high security prisons, explain in audio why they are refusing to participate any further in the 30 day mandated custody reviews between an Immigration Board Member and the immigrant.   

 CBC News – Daniel Schwartz
Sex workers like New Zealand law, not Canada’s new ‘Nordic model’ for prostitution 

 The new prostitution laws have been borrowed from the Nordic model but sex workers themselves say that the model used in New Zealand offers more protection.  Schwartz paints the picture of prostitution laws in Spain and Germany as well and the link offers video commentaries by Canadian sources, including a 3 minute video report from Calgary.  There is a 7 minute interview (on the sidebar) with Vancouver lawyer Katrina Pacey as well.   

 IT – Howard Solomon
Cyber-bullying law in final stage 

 Canada’s Bill C-13, the anti-cyberbullying law and the privacy legislation around the access of police and government to your personal data is nearing the end of its time in committee.  Government has resisted any number of efforts to split this legislation into two bills.  The article is a summary to date for C-13.

 Times and Democrat (Orangeburg, SC) – Jordone Branch
‘G.R.E.A.T. is awesome’: 10 graduate from Gang Resistance Education program at Mellichamp 

G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance and Training Program) is a national program for gang prevention and in this application the targeted group are fifth graders who will shortly pass into middle school.  The program is a co-operative, evidence based venture between the school and the Department of Public Safety.   G.R.E.A.T Web site

 Bank of England – Mark Carney
Inclusive capitalism: creating a sense of the systemic

The term “inclusive capitalism” is beginning to appear anywhere the issues around income inequality gets attention.  Carney is the originator of the term and the link provides the text of a speech given May 27 in London around the issues.   Related article: Business Insider (Australia) – Greg McKenna    Bank Of England Governor Mark Carney Laid Out A Real-World Solution To The Problems With Capitalism Identified By Piketty 

 Blackmore Vale Magazine (UK)
Crime-cutting scheme comes to Sherborne as Justice panel launches this summer 

 A RJ facilitator and three volunteers trying to make a difference this summer when this panel begins to tackle minor crime.  Hardliner police inspector Alan Jenkins says:  “I’m an old bobby of the lock-‘em-up approach and I’m cynical – but this works. It really works.”  

 Bloomberg Business Week – Jennifer Ryan
U.K. GDP Gets $17 Billion Boost From Crime in Data Revamp 

 Later this year, Britain’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) will include the proceeds of crime to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures.  Experts think the inclusion of the crime activity will add 2.5 – 5% to the GDP.  The rational involves changes in the way the data is collected and the European System of Accounts. –
Can Goldman Sachs Lower Crime? – Real Time Insight

 Our readers were introduced to Rocca through the Ottawa symposium in November.  One of the capital funders for the Rocca youth project in Boston is Goldman Sachs who is risking $9 million as an investment in the effectiveness of the Rocca program.