Summer policing

   June 17, 2014

 Toronto Star – Patty Winsa
Community activists concerned about TAVIS policing 

 Some neighbourhood groups and the Toronto police have a disagreement about what is needed over the summer months.  TAVIS is Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy.  Having identified the neighbourhood as one of the most dangerous, police have stepped up their presence for the summer months, much to the annoyance of community groups who see other more pressing needs and have asked for the additional police presence to end.  

 Global TV News (SK) – Meaghan Craig
Standing up for refugee health care across the nation 

 The federal government has cut the funding for health care for refuges and children and women are denied health care.  Canadian Doctors for Refuge Care say there are numerous documented cases of neglect, even for mothers who are victims of rape and fleeing sexual assault.  The stress of getting health care in a completely strange environment is added to the presenting medical problems as well as the effort to acquire preventative care.  

 TED Talks – Scott Taylor
Beyond the propaganda 

 Taylor is a former Canadian Infantry and trained commando who now publishes Esprit de Corps, a commentary on military affairs in Canada.  The almost 19 minute video looks at the use of language and terms for propaganda purposes in conflict, including the need for combatants to de-humanize the ‘enemy.’  Taylor also suggests that the media has failed the soldier in the face of the government propaganda around Canada’s recent wars.   Related article:  Globe and Mail – Steven Chase   Ottawa spends more on military history amid criticism over support for veterans 

 Calgary Herald – Reid Southwick
Programs help immigrant youth embrace culture, avoid path to crime

 Southwick looks at the almost compulsive need to belong that accompanies most youthful immigrants to Canada and the impact of poverty on their participation in gangs and crime.  Calgary police have a Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program that reaches out to these young people.  

 Toronto Star – Laurie Monsebraaten
Conditions deemed ripe for action on income inequality 

 Shelia Block of the Wellesley Institute thinks that the co-incidence of public and media perception that government can play a role in the reduction of income inequality are the necessary pre-conditions for greater action.  The key lies in the realization that policy can make a considerable difference, provided a number of conditions are tackled.

 The Athens News (Ohio) – Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
Children on the run: The deepening immigration crisis 

 The number of children coming over the Texas and Arizona borders from Central American countries like Honduras is at crisis proportions.  Unaccompanied children ride fright trains across Mexico, fleeing violence and seeking to re-unite with immigrant parents who left their children behind.  The use of coyotes makes the trip even more dangerous for children.   Related article:  Ottawa Citizen  – Samantha Wright Allen  They march in Ottawa to push for end to immigration detention   Related article:  Ottawa Sun – Doug Hempstead   Free jailed immigrants, group tells feds

 The Council of State Governments Justice Center  (US)
The School Discipline Consensus Report: Strategies from the Field to Keep Students Engaged in School and out of the Juvenile Justice System 

 This is a 461 page report (downloadable as a pdf) but put together by the Council of State Governments Center with the US Departments of Education and Justice.  There is a good index found in the beginning of the report and the report has a section starting on p. 23 on the 60 recommendations flowing from the collection of data.