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  Aug 17, 2014

 Ottawa Citizen – Emma Loop
Severely mentally ill offender almost dumped at emergency as her sentence ended 

A woman inmate released from prison was brought to an emergency room of the hospital where corrections officers had to threaten the staff to get the woman into provincial mental health care. Correctional  Investigator Howard Sapers  says: “There is a serious concern about offenders leaving federal custody who have identified mental health needs and not getting the supports they need in the community,”  No one would reveal details of the case on the grounds of privacy concerns.   Normally transition plans are prepared well in advance by Corrections Canada but the plans assume the participation of community agencies.  Sapers wants answers from CSC and the local mental health services.

 CBC News
CBSA immigration arrests during spot checks stir controversy 

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA) were making traffic safety checks in the area of Wilson and 400 in the north end of Toronto when they arrested 21 undocumented workers.  Immigration lawyers claimed that the arrests were in fact only under the pretense of vehicle safety checks and that the arrests were a ‘huge breech of public trust.”  Related article:  Toronto Media Co-op – Noll     Dawn raids tear 50 immigrant workers from their families

 Canadian Bar Association Council
CBA Council: Criminal justice resolutions  

The Canadian Bar wants some changes around sentencing.  First, they want the priority in sentencing to re-prioritize rehabilitation and re-integration and second they want criminal justice legislation to avoid interfering with prosecutorial independence. “Eric Gottardi, speaking on behalf of the section, said it is concerned that recent legislation related to mandatory minimum sentencing, restrictions on graduated release and abolition of early release, among others, has de-emphasized sentencing principles of rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders.”

 CBC News
$100-M census dispute is back – Province certain of StatsCan error 

Manitoba’s Minister of Jobs and Economy Theresa Oswald has been trying for eight months to convince the feds that Stats Canada has under-estimated the population of Manitoba by some 18,000 people, a number that translates into $100 million in transfer payments and that is desperately need to cope with the summer flooding.  Oswald wants the issue settled by an outside panel of experts to verify the stats.

 Toronto Star – Wendy Gillis
Transport Canada keeping secret details MM&A safety inspections 

Even in the face of the death of 47 people in Lac Megantic, the Transportation Safety Board has refused to comply with a Star request for access to information for the safety record of the company five years previous to the incident during which the rail company was repeatedly inspected – faulty locomotives, defective equipment and rail lines that limited speed to 10KMH.  Transport Canada is saying it is obliged to confidentiality because the reports belong to MM&A.   The company no longer exists.

 Toronto Star – Rachel Mendleson
Toronto lawyer calls for action on concerns of bias by Justice John Ritchie  

Lawyer James Lockyer of the Association for the Wrongfully Convicted thinks there is a serious problem with the appearance of bias on the part of Justice John Ritchie and is concerned that some of the people in the Justice’s court are being wrongfully convicted.  Lockyer thinks that appeal is only part of the solution and wants the Ontario Judicial Council to act.

 CTV News – Angela Mulholland
Ferguson police acting like ‘invading army’ escalated tensions, says expert

The police response to the community anger is likely a serious factor in escalating the tensions in Ferguson rather than calming the anger.  The police showed up looking and acting like soldiers in a hostile area with military like vehicles and equipment.  The discussion reveals that the US police forces regularly received surplus military equipment and that presently there are over 600 armoured vehicles in use by police across the country.    Related article:  CTV News – Matthew Daly    Lawmaker urges tighter controls on military giveaways to police after Ferguson protests