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   Oct. 28, 2014 –

 Globe and Mail – Sean Silcoff
Tories to table expanded security bill  

Guess what?  The security agency, CSIS, already has what tools they need according to Conservative MP Deborah Grey who chairs the Security Review Committee.  The problem instead is the process to oversee the agency.  “CSIS may be casting too wide a net during some of its wiretaps and Internet intercepts, while noting that CSIS regional surveillance teams “operate in total isolation … and communicate only sporadically” with one another and headquarters.”  Experts are sceptical that anything further can help prevent the ‘lone wolf.’    Related article: Globe and Mail    Steven Chase, Josh Wingrove and Colin Freeze    Ottawa eyes deeper security overhaul   Related article: Toronto Star – Chantel Hébert     Jason Kenney would be ideal terror point man for Harper    Related article:  CBC News – Brian Stewart     Analysis: Don’t overload CSIS: The case for a separate foreign spy agency –  New spying powers don’t resolve CSIS’s central problem     Related article:  CBC News – Susana Mas   CSIS powers beefed up under new bill tabled by Steven Blaney   Related article: Global News – Laura Stone    ‘Distorted world view,’ not mental illness, drove terrorists: RCMP

 The Canadian Law Times –
The Hill: Liberal justice critic hopes to address other areas besides crime 

Liberal justice critic Sean Casey from Prince Edward Island thinks that there is a wider sense of justice than just criminal justice.  “I want justice policy to be built around a restorative and rehabilitative approach to criminal justice founded on social science instead of ideology and bumper stickers,” says Casey, a likely Minister of Justice under a Liberal government. – Harsha Walia
No safe haven: Canada’s ‘managed migration’ 

Jose Figueroa came to Canada in 1997 and was approved in principle for permanent residency.  Now he is in hiding to avoid deportation years later for his political opposition to a US backed dictator in El Salvador and very much missing his two Canadian born children. Very unusual, you say?  Not so says Walia!  It is called ‘managed migration’ and the US Immigration points to Canada for the excellence of its model.

 Prison Reform Trust (UK)
Bromley Briefings Prison Fact-file 

This report draws a distressing picture of UK prisons calling it “a stark and disturbing picture, and saying that “warning signs reveal a prison system under unprecedented strain.”  The fact-file report is 81 pages and available in downloadable pdf format, offering a comprehensive topic commentary and good factual material for the topic comparison with other jurisdictions..,2X6KC,6JSCMH,AJZVV,1

 Government of Manitoba – Bill 60
The Restorative Justice Act

The act has not yet gotten consent but the purpose of the act is clear: “to support the development and use of restorative justice programs in Manitoba.”  The act also makes it clear that RJ can be used before or after the charges.   The justice department is to develop policies to be applied.