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    May 22, 2015

 Atlantic (US) – David R. Wheeler
What If Everybody Didn’t Have to Work to Get Paid?

Income disparity is beginning to prompt a new look at the notion of guaranteed annual income.  Wheeler is offering the notion of a basic income for the necessities of life.  Scott Satens is a leader in the basic income movement and asks this question:  “If you build a robot to fish, do all men starve, or do all men eat?” How do we stay ahead of automation while maintaining decent jobs and income?   Related article:  Globe and Mail – Rudyard Griffiths   The Munk Debates   Chris Hedges: ‘The system of global capitalism is breaking down’    (Link includes an audio podcast of the interview.)   Related article:  NationTalk    New OECD Inequality Report: It’s about women’s rights!   Full OCED Report: (Link is a 366 page book available to read on-line)

Toronto Star – Tim Harper
Top court clears Ontario, but aboriginal jury problem remains

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the lack of Aboriginal members on a jury does not vitiate the decision of the jury for an Aboriginal defendant.  The ruling that Clifford Kokopenace’s rights were not violated was in a 5-2 decision that still leaves the question about how to get a greater Aboriginal participation in the juror system.  Some see the over-representation of Aboriginals with criminal records and the prohibition from jury duty with a criminal record as problematic in areas where a high portion of the population is Aboriginal.

 Canadian Press / National Newswatch – Bruce Cheadle
Legal experts decry retroactive Conservative law but say it can’t be stopped

Federal Information Commissioner Susanne Legault sent the RCMP wrong-doing around the access to information on the long gun registry to the police for investigation.  Even as the police investigate, Bill C-59 will retro-actively absolve the RCMP from responsibility.  The Bill is on fast-track and expected to pass the House within the next four weeks.   Legal experts and parliamentarians are concerned that almost any wrong-doing could be handled the same way, bundled within an omnibus budget bill.  Related article: Globe and Mail  – Tabatha Southey On the gun registry, the Tories think they can break the laws of physics   Related article:  Canadian Press / National Newswatch – Joan Bryden   Feds lose bid to dismiss court case over PM’s refusal to fill Senate vacancies

 CBC News
Dalhousie dentistry class reflects on Facebook scandal after restorative justice – In a report released today, school says students can graduate if they meet clinical standards 

Dalhousie has released a final report that clears the way for those implicated in the misogyny problems to graduate and the people involved in the restorative justice approach (14 women and 15 men, 29 of the graduating class of 38) to resolving the conflict and tension have announced that they are satisfied with the process and results.  In a statement in the report, the women wrote that they accept their classmates’ apologies:  “More than that, though, we have seen the men learn why they are sorry and what that requires of them.”   Related article: Globe and Mail – Simona Chiose   Twelve male dentistry students will graduate, Dalhousie says    Related article:  CBC News     Royal Military College head apologizes for cadets’ behaviour at harassment seminars – Rowdy cadets brought complaint from expert invited to talk about sexual assault prevention

Toronto Star – Tonda MacCharles
Supreme Court of Canada orders new trial in child porn case

Donald Barabash and Shane Rollison were found not guilty of creating pornography when they consensually videoed two 14 year old girls “for private use.”  In an appeal, the SCC ruled that “private use” won’t cut it: The high court’s unanimous ruling clarifies that an accused person may not claim a defence of “private use” in cases where there are elements of exploitation in the making of allegedly pornographic material.  The case goes to re-trial.

Kitchener Waterloo Crime Prevention
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