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    July 24, 2015

Canadian Press – Stephanie Levitz
Federal Court deals another blow to Conservatives’ overhaul of refugee system     

Justice Keith Boswell of the Federal Court has delivered another blow to the effort by the Conservative government to reshape Canada’s immigration practices.  If an applicant is from a certain designated country of origin (DOC), the applicant is denied appeal from a rejection.  Boswell says the practice violates equality rights in the charter and refused a 12 month delay of the ruling when government determined to appeal the ruling. Related article: Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung   Court strikes down Ottawa’s ‘safe country’ list for refugees – Federal court ruling calling the list discriminatory seen as major blow to Harper government

Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung
Detainees demand answers in death of man in immigration custody

Abdurahman Ibrahim Hassan died June 11, 2015 in immigration custody in the Lindsay, ON, Central East Correctional Centre prison.  Detained since 2012, and known to be suffering from diabetes and polar disorder, Hassan died in hospital in Peterborough after some sort of agitation and restraint by the OPP.   On his death Canada Border Services issued a news release without identifying Hassan or without any explanation of the cause of death.  Amnesty International wants an oversight body put in place, given that Hassan is the 12th such death in custody since 2000.   Related article:  Toronto Star – Jacques Gallant     Peel police won’t name officer who removed evidence from killing scene

Canadian Press – Stephanie Levitz
Anti-terror bill not in keeping with Canada’s international obligations: UN

Every ten years the UN reviews Canada’s compliance with international treaties which Canada has signed and its compliance with Human Rights.  The latest report, released on Thursday past by the Human Rights Committee is critical of at least a dozen items but zeroed in on Bill C-51 and the lack of oversight safeguards for ordinary citizens.  The report included criticism of the government attacks on charities with opposing political views.    Related article: Toronto Star – Renu J. Mandhane    Canada should heed UN’s human rights warning – The UN Human Rights Committee says Canada is falling behind on human rights – Voters should demand better

Globe and Mail – Editorial (July 23, 2015)
Fix Canada’s broken Employment Insurance program

The editorial labels the EI system inequitable and discriminatory and illustrates the equity problems based on where the applicant lives.  There are 62 regions where the practices differ considerable.  The Globe and Mail is calling for one national standard across the country.  Recognizing that no one will initiate a reform of the system just before an election, the editorial concludes:  “whoever forms government must launch an in-depth review of a deeply flawed, indispensable program.”   EI problems have been accentuated recently with significant increases in unemployment in Alberta.   Related article:  Globe and Mail – Tavia Grant   Unbalanced EI system is failing Canadians, former chief actuary says

 Blogger Anna Matczak (UK)
 A beautiful mess

The article is a refreshing look at restorative justice from the perspective of the inaugural conference of a group of RJ researches who met at Leeds University in the UK to review the practices and pursuits of RJ.  The article reports on “the state and non-state” elements pursuing RJ solutions noting that understandings can be quite diverse and sometimes a lack of clarity is attendant on these discussions.