Nov. 9, 2015
CTV News – Michelle Zilio
Liberals will review controversial mandatory minimums: justice minister

While newly appointed Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould is saying the new government will look at the mandatory minimums that the tough-on- crime Conservatives established, she is not saying what the Liberals hope to do with the minimums or presumably the increase in inmates and the short circuited parole system.  She does recognize as well that the tough-on-crime has been particularly impactful on indigenous, especially the women.

CBC News –
Ralph Goodale to review harassment cases of B.C. women suing RCMP – Liberal government will ‘strive’ to ensure federal workplaces free from harassment, sexual violence

Four women, three members of the RCMP and one civilian member, have brought a lawsuit against the RCMP for harassment in the workplace and now have added an appeal to the new Liberal government for intervention.  The women are asking job security from Minister Goodale in the face of impending dismissal of two of the four and probable on the other two, a case the women say of blaming the victims.

CTV News – Michelle Zilio
Conservative refugee health care cuts were ‘economically foolish’: immigration minister

The decision to deny health care to portions of the refugee population brought howls of protest and John McCallum, the new minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, is promising a reversal of the policy saying it was wrong and did not in fact save any money as purported.

CBC News – Kathleen Harris

Prisoners’ ombudsman wants Liberal government to keep him on the job – Watchdog was not renewed after delivering critical reports on Conservative policies

Howard Sapers was fired by the Tories in March but the election interrupted his replacement process.  Sapers wants to keep the job even though he was in frequent conflict with the government over Correctional Services Canada policies and practices.  Still, after three terms, Sapers says that Blaney’s explanation that it was simply office renewal and that he, Sapers, had done a good job, the decision accepted with no ill will.   Related article:  Toronto Star – Kristy Kirkup    Aboriginal corrections needs more oversight, prison watchdog urges   Related article: Ottawa Citizen – Andrew Seymour and Chris Cobb     Overcrowded, understaffed detention centre failing inmates and guards, says new report

N’an jinan Artists: Important to us

Students of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School have their own sunshine song…

Washington Post (US) – Spencer S. Hsu
Ex-attorney general Holder calls for further U.S. drug sentencing changes

Eric Holder has an astounding assessment of the drug sentencing practices in the US:   “The system as we know it cannot be economically sustained.”  Before leaving office as the US Attorney General, Holder acknowledged the role of federal drug sentencing laws in creating the unsustainable inmate population and so many secondary spin-off problems.  Holder wants additional funding in every federal court for alternatives to prison.

Reuters:  The Exchange (US) – Rob Cox
Joseph Stiglitz and the politics of inequality 

An Interview with Nobel Prize winner and economist Joseph Stiglitz around a new book that suggests that income inequality will require us to re-write the rules of the American economy if we are to see any improvements of the current scene which, he says, is not working for the bottom 90%.  The link is to a 10 minute video and the transcript is available.