Ugly legacy…

    Nov. 19, 2015

Toronto Star – Editorial (Nov. 18, 2015)
Trudeau begins to reverse Harper’s ugly legacy of over-reaching legislation

The editorial commends the Trudeau government for the speed with which it is addressing Canadian law “on Stephen Harper’s watch became heedless of civil rights, contemptuous of the judiciary, unreasonably punitive, and unfriendly to minorities and refugees.”  Among the places to start redressing the harm done, the editorial identifies C-51, C-24, sentencing laws, and refugees.

iPolitics – Susan Delacourt
How Trudeau plans to undo Harper’s legacy, brick by brick

The article reviews the sections found in the mandate letters to identify the  items likely to reversed from the Conservative era, concluding that there are some fifty changes to be considered.  The Justice Department appears to have the largest portion of reversals to confront.  Delacourt also wonders what will remain in force from the Conservative legacy.

Toronto Star – Theresa Boyle
Coroner’s report warns of violence in nursing homes – Report calls for an expert panel to address resident-on-resident violence 

Prepared by the coroner’s Geriatric and Long Term Care Death Review Committee which was reviewing 13 homicides over 2013-2014, the report says that violence between patients with dementia has become normalized and the report is urging the formation of a panel of experts to address the growing dimensions.  The report says:  “…in long-term care, the residents and staff are asked to tolerate repeated dangerous and assaultive behaviours as though it is part of day to day life.”  Provincial Report (downloadable pdf) :

Globe and Mail – Selena Ross
‘Motivated by hate’: Muslim girls told not to walk alone in Toronto at night

Reacting to what police are calling a hate crime in which a Muslim woman was assaulted on the street as she walked to school to pick up her five year old child, Aleemuddin Syed, director of Darul Khair Islamic Centre, is suggesting that Muslim girls ought not walk alone to their evening classes at the centre.  There have been similar preventative measures across Canada in the face of the Paris incidents.

Globe and Mail – Leyla Seka
Four ways to close the gender wage gap

This article is part of a series on Leadership on women’s pay equity and offers four tips for confronting the inequity:  start early, use data, be transparent and speak up.

Toronto Star – Noor Javed
‘Unprecedented’ surge in Muslim vote in federal election: poll

In most previous elections, the Muslim vote was a relatively low turnout and hard to persuade into any activism.  This most recent election saw an enormous change:  nationally 79% voted and in the nine GTA ridings with significant Muslim voters the turnout was 88%.  The national average this time was 68.5%.  Pundits think the Muslim community had too much to lose by staying on the sidelines.  Related article: Toronto Star – Editorial (Nov. 18, 2015)  Anti-Muslim hate crimes have no place in Canada: Editorial – After the Paris attacks some Canadian Muslims are being scapegoated for crimes that have nothing to do with this country, and for which they owe no apology.   Related article – Globe and Mail –  Gary Mason  Calgary Mayor Nenshi ‘shaken’ by racism in debate over refugee crisis